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LCLC (Learning Center Leadership Certification) provides individual learning assistance professionals a nationally-recognized credential and set of standards by which to foster their future growth and development.

This certification provides validation of individuals' expertise in the field of learning assistance through external and objective review. The program is flexible and designed to meet the different career paths and goals of learning assistance professionals. Besides providing a standard of credentialing and continuing professional development, certification can be used by learning center directors and learning assistance professionals as rewards and incentives for better performance appraisals and as part of benchmarking the attainment of staff members in reports to their institutions.

While there are four levels of certification, a first-time applicant can submit materials for certification at any of the four levels. Everyone does NOT have to start at Level One and work their way up. For example, if you can currently satisfy the criteria for Level Four, then please submit an application for Level Four. Additionally, you do not need to be a current member of ICLCA to be considered for certification through LCLC. All qualified professionals are encouraged to apply!

Certification for Levels 1-3 is valid for two years, beginning on the date of certification and extending through December 31 of the second year of certification.  For example, if you are certified at Level 2 on May 18, 2018, your certification is good through December 31, 2020.  Renewals are valid for FIVE years beginning on the date of renewal and extending through December 31 of the fifth year of renewal.

Please Note: Upon receipt, all Learning Center Leadership Certification application materials become the property of ICLCA and will not be returned.

how to apply

To apply for LCLC, place your appropriate application cover sheet along with your appendices into ONE PDF DOCUMENT in this order:

Application cover sheet


Appendix A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I (as applicable)

 If you do not know how to put different kinds of files into one PDF document, there are different ways to approach this task (this is not an exhaustive list).

  • If you have Acrobat DC (you can get a free trial), follow these simple instructions.
  • Put all of your files into one Word document and then convert the Word document to a PDF. (You can copy and paste slides from PPT into Word.)
  • Put all of your files into one PowerPoint or Publisher document and then convert to a PDF.
Once you have created your PDF document, insert internal hyperlinks so the reviewer can easily click on the appendix or other content that you are referring to. Instructions here.

Now you are ready to submit!  It’s easy!  Just email your PDF to the Chairperson.  She will be happy to answer questions and guide you through the process.

Dr. Jennifer Haley

    Application (cover sheet) forms

    Please note that the LCLC application forms for all four levels have been revised as of February 22, 2021. Old forms may be used through April 1, 2021.  Starting April 2, 2021, only the new forms will be accepted.  Old forms may be used through October 31, 2019.  Starting November 1, 2019, only the new forms will be accepted.

    Please read carefully through the Application Instructions document, then read through the applications for each level to decide which level is best for you.

    Once you have made a decision, complete that level’s application cover sheet.  You will need to include this in your PDF application package (read instructions to the left).

    The application cover sheets for renewals are also included below.  Use these only if you are renewing and existing certification.

    pricing & payment

    The Learning Center Leadership Certification fee structure is the following for all applicants regardless of membership status:

    • Level 1 - $50 (initial or renewal)

    • Level 2 - $75 (initial or renewal)

    • Level 3 - $100 (initial or renewal)

    • Level 4 - $250 (initial--no renewal needed)

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