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call for nominations

to the 2024-25 executive board

As an organization, we value the engagement of our members in the election of our new leadership and governance. Accordingly, the following positions are available

Vice President (3-year commitment)

  • The Vice President shall:

    • Assume the duties of the President in the President's absence;
    •  Negotiate and secure conference contracts for their presidential year;
    • Develop the Call for proposals for their presidential year and the Call to Conference for their vice presidential year;
    • Contact and secure speakers for the annual conference for their vice-presidential; year.
    • Serve as annual conference chairperson; and
    • Assume the office of President after serving one year as Vice- President.

    Treasurer (2-Year Commitment)

    The Treasurer shall:

    • Receive, record, hold and disburse all monies of the Corporation at the direction of the Executive Board, including membership dues and conference registration fees, in accordance with the financial policies; 
    • present an annual statement of the Corporation's accounts to the membership; 
    • serve as chairperson of the Finance Committee and prepare the Annual Budget in conjunction with the Executive Board; and 
    • arrange to have any tax forms, or forms regarding the legal status of the Corporation, properly prepared and submitted; 

    Membership Secretary (2 year commitment)

    The Membership Secretary shall:

      • Maintain and analyze a database of membership records; 
      • facilitate communications to the membership in conjunction with the Marketing & Communications Officer; 
      • coordinate membership drives for retention and recruitment, including: o Advertise the advantages of membership in the Corporation; 
      • Revise new membership applications as needed; and o confirm receipt of applications and, in conjunction with the Treasurer, acknowledge membership upon receipt of dues; 
      • serve as registrar for ICLCA conferences; 
      • serve as the primary contact between the Affiliates and the Executive Board; and 
      • coordinate meetings of the ICLCA Affiliate Presidents 

      Professional Development Officer (2-year commitment)

      The Professional Development Officer shall: 

      • Chair the Professional Development Committee; 
      • coordinate the review and selection process of conference proposals; 
      • create the full conference schedule; • coordinate research activities of the Corporation; 
      • coordinate Professional Development Grants and Award; and 
      • oversee the Webinar Coordinator and The Learning Assistance Review Editor.


      Board members must be professional members of the profession. Professional membership is defined as any individual actively involved in postsecondary learning assistance and employed, full or at least half-time, by a private or public institution of higher education. Each Professional member shall be entitled to originate and take part in any subject that may properly come before any meeting, hold one vote, and is eligible to hold office either by election or appointment.

      General Duties

      The executive board of the National College Learning Center Association meets monthly and during the annual conference. Special meetings may be called when concerns arise.


        Current board members will be reimbursed for board-related travel expenses, including airfare, mileage to and from the airport, parking, and transportation. Service to a national organization looks fantastic on your CV, and you can connect with learning center leaders worldwide.

        The Election

          Elections will begin on Wednesday, April 24, and conclude on Friday, May 17, 2024. Winners will be sworn in at the annual business meeting held at the 39th Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.


              If you’re interested in running for any of the open positions, please submit the following information:

              • Your Name
              • Current Job Title
              • Position of Interest
              • Short Bio
              • Headshot

              Deadline for Submission: Friday, April 19, 2024.

              Submit your materials or any questions to Dana Talbert, Immediate Past President, at talbertd@nclca.org

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