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2011 nclca lifetime achievement award

johanna dvorak

Johanna "Jonnie" Dvorak has always been there for NCLCA! She was there at the founding of NCLCA's predecessor organization, the Midwest College Learning Center Association. She is here today presenting and helping out whenever possible. Jonnie has served NCLCA in a variety of board positions, including as President of MCLCA for 1993-1994 and again a decade later as President of NCLCA for 2003-2004. Jonnie served as conference chair in 1990, 1993, and 2003. She served as recording secretary, professional development chair, and as the 1995 Summer Institute chair. Jonnie has written articles for the NCLCA Newsletter and NCLCA's professional, peer-reviewed journal, The Learning Assistance Review. She was an NCLCA representative on the ACDEA Blue Ribbon Commission and Chair of the CLADEA Certification Committee. Jonnie is currently NCLCA's representative on the CLADEA Political Advocacy Committee.

Jonnie is the long-time director of the Panther Academic Support Services team at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, having served in that role since 1995. Jonnie has supported and mentored her staff to become excellent learning center professionals in their own right. Two members of her staff have served as NCLCA officers.

Jonnie earned her B.A. in English from Drake University, her M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Austin, and her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Urban Education and Information Science. Her dissertation on The College Tutoring Experience explored the benefits of tutoring not only on tutees but also on tutors. Her academic preparation has served her well in her distinguished career in college learning assistance.

Jonnie's statement in an article written for the 2005 NCLCA Conference Program celebrating the first 20 years of NCLCA sums her approach to our work: "As I think back on the growth of our organization, my hope for the next twenty years is that we continue to grow and share our enthusiasm about the field of learning assistance with newer professionals in the field." Jonnie has continued to do just that.

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