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ICLCA Committees

ICLCA offers numerous opportunities for members to become involved through committee work. This is a terrific way to gain professional development and experience for yourself with a national organization as well as contribute in tangible ways to the important functions and our overall mission.



The Professional Development Committee shall have five (5) members plus a chairperson who will assist the Professional Development Officer.


    .01 Assist the Vice-President in calling for papers, reviewing proposals, and planning the Corporation's annual conference;  

    .02 Assist the Past President in the development of new learning centers;

    .03 Draft "white papers" on (1) the topics of professional ethics and standards for the adoption of the membership; and (2) issues affecting learning assistance professionals;

    .04 Coordinate research activities of the Corporation;

    .05 Award Professional Development Grants; and

    .06 Assist with coordinating the Special Interest Groups.

      Contact: Professional Development Officer PD@nclca.org



      The chair of the Newsletter Committee shall be the editor of the newsletter.  The committee shall have four (4) additional members.


      .01 Publish three newsletters a year which shall represent the official position of the Corporation as approved by the Board of Directors.

      .02 For the annual conference, act as liaison with publishers and distributors.

      Contact: Publications Chair Publications@nclca.org



      The Finance Committee shall be chaired by the Treasurer of the Corporation. Two (2) members shall also be appointed to the Finance Committee.


      .01 Prepare the budget for the corporation;

      .02 Be responsible for a profit/loss sheet for all operations;

      .03 Be responsible for maintaining and supervising all assets of the Corporation; and

      .04 Recommend changes in dues structure to the Board of Directors

      Contact: Treasurer Treasurer@nclca.org

      Conference Committee


      The Conference Committee shall be chaired by the Vice President of the Corporation or by the Vice-President's designate.  Three members shall also be appointed to the Conference Committee, one each from Newsletter, Professional Development, and Finance Committees. The Past President and Corresponding Secretary shall also serve.  Three (3) members shall be selected at large.


      .01 Organize the annual conference of the Corporation, including:

      a. Physical arrangements;

      b. Planning of the program with the Professional Development Committee

      c. Publicity with the Newsletter Committee

      d. Appointment of the conference subcommittees for the annual conference

      .02 Present recommendations of endorsement to the Board of Directors of any conference in addition to the annual conference which the Corporation may wish to support.

      Contact: Vice President VicePres@nclca.org

      membership committee


      The Membership Committee shall be chaired by the Membership Secretary. It shall have two (2) additional members.


      .01 Advertise the advantages of membership in the Corporation and seek new members;
      .02 Revise and print new membership applications as needed;
      .03 Confirm receipt of applications and acknowledge membership upon receipt of dues; and

      .04 Organize and coordinate the activities of the regional representatives

      Contact: Membership Chair membership@nclca.org



      The Nomination Committee shall be chaired by the Immediate Past President. It shall have five (5) additional members including the Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary, a member of the Newsletter Committee, and two (2) members representing different geographical areas of the Corporation.


        .01 Solicit nominations from the membership for election to the Board of Directors;
        .02 Prepare a slate of such candidates for majority approval by the current Board of Directors;
        .03 Confirm nominations;
        .04 Prepare the ballot;
        .05 Be responsible for the balloting procedure and for the tabulation of the votes with the assistance of the President.  New officers will be announced in the newsletter.  An official tally of the votes will be submitted to the Board and included in the Board minutes as the legal record of votes.

        Contact: Immediate Past President PastPres@nclca.org

        Past President's Council


        .01 All Past Presidents, including the Immediate Past President, are automatically members of the Council.

        .02 The members of the Council shall elect one member as the Chair of the Council for a two-year term.

        .03 The Immediate Past President serves as liaison to the Board.


          .01 Study concerns of importance to ICLCA members;  

          .02 Evaluate the feasibility of activities of ICLCA and advise on future directions of the organization;

          .03 Present report to members at annual conference;

          .04 Serve in advisory capacity to President and Board;

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